Makita A-93681 10 Inch 80T Mitre Saw Blade Review

The Makita A-93681 is a great miter saw blade, but the reason that it isn’t in our top two choices is that it is a fairly limited blade when it comes to durability, and the material that it’s made out of simply isn’t very strong.

Durability and functionality are our two biggest considerations, and this blade excels as a piece of functional equipment. But due to this lack of durability, it probably won’t last very long for you, and that’s a shame, because the Makita A-93681 really isn’t that bad of a blade, and Makita has produced some excellent hardware in recent years.

This is certainly a continuation of that trend, but as with many of their other products, durability is certainly a concern.

Makita A-93681 10 Inch 80T
Makita A-93681 10 Inch 80T

1. OverView Makita A-93681

Release date :  => 2004
Price :  => $30.93 Buy At Amazon
Dimensions :  => 12 x 11,8 x 0,2 inch
Weight : => 5 pounds
Rating : => 4.8

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  • Ultra-thin 0.091″ kerf reduces wasted material.
  • 0.091″ Kerf also produces a cleaner cut compared to thicker blades.
  • 0.071″ Dual Tensioned Plate for less vibration and run out.
  • Laser Cut Slots with a resin bond fill dampen noise and vibration.

*** ATAF (Alternating Top, Alternating Face) Grind:

  • Extra sharp cutting tips.
  • Beveled faces.
  • It Creates a shearing effect to maximize precision when crosscutting.
  • Diverts cutting load left and right.
  • Reduces load on the saw to optimize operational efficiency.

2. What is the Makita a-93681 for?

  • Cut Harwood.
  • Cut Softwood.
  • Cut Plywood.

3. Makita A-93681 10 Inch 80T Mitre Saw Blade Review

We have given a detailed review all above, but to sum up, some information about the Makita a-93681 so that you can take away when choosing the circular saw blades.

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*** What we like about this blade:

  • Fantastic value
  • Great for small jobs
  • Precise

*** What we want Dewalt to improve:

  • Not very durable

5. It Is Time To Make A Decision.

This Circular Saw Blades Dewalt review brings all you need to know about the DWA17124 at your fingertips.

Please feel free to refer to our experience and be considerate when making your purchase.

A good saw is not perfect without a suitable blade!

From our test, the Dewalt saw blades are reliable to fasten the cutting process, save materials, and guarantee your safety.

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